limbo – to wander in the desert looking at the sky

Andrej Glusgold’s series Limbo was taken in Morocco as he wandered for days in the desert photographing the night sky.  He ponders the questions of afterlife and where souls go when they leave the body while connecting with nature and regaining a childlike wonder of the magic present in the world.  The photographs almost appear … Continue reading

Theresa Himmer – Street Art with Sequins

I love this beautiful street art by Danish artist Theresa Himmer.  These pieces are from the Mountain Series and made with sequins on buildings in Reykjavik, Iceland.  I would love to see them in person – I’m sure they are amazing in the sunlight. Volcano

Filippo Minelli – Silence/Shapes

My first blog in awhile.  I discovered these amazing photographs by Italian artist Filippo Minelli.  Oh, and I actually have a new blog (to go with my new etsy store) where I will be posting a lot of things now.  Find my new blog here. Here are a few of his photos:  

Frying Pans

  I really love this: A beautiful photographic series called DEVOUR by Christopher Jonassen.     He takes dirty frying pans and photographs them in a way to make them look like celestial bodies.     You can see more of his work at his website here.

Milk Sonata

  I have always been interested in synesthesia.  Synesthesia is basically a strange neurological condition that very few people have where using one of the senses triggers an involuntary connection in another of the senses.  People with synesthesia can see colors projected when they hear certain words or sounds, taste shapes, see music, etc.  There … Continue reading

Salmon Shortcake

  I really like weird old things.  And I also really like food.  And I am interested in grotesque things a little bit too.  So I was thrilled to discover a box of Betty Crocker Recipe cards from 1971 at a thrift store.  The cards teach you how to cook all sorts of lovely meals … Continue reading

Ruins of Detroit

  I’ve just discovered Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre, and I’m very excited about it.  They have a beautiful series of photographs called the Ruins of Detroit.  Very similar to Lori Nix only not dioramas – real life “apocalyptic” scenes.     I recently read about Detroit and wanted to go there.  Maybe move there. … Continue reading

Study of the Moon

A new etsy treasury I made: ‘Study of the Moon’ by driftingpaper Things moon and space related. Distance of the Moon // Fine…   themooncraft $45.00 Sputnik Sweetheart   lake $152.00 Mercury Astronauts Graphic T…   Invicid $25.00 Tang Serving Pitcher   PhatDog $10.00 Zero gravity jumper/ size sm…   sweetmeatcloth… $80.00 Astro Rocket, medium … Continue reading

Dot Dot Dash

  Help can be found here. .. / ..-. — ..- -. -.. / .- / — — .-. … . / -.-. — -.. . / – .-. .- -. … .-.. .- – — .-. / — -. .-.. .. -. . .-.-.- / … — / .. / -.. . -.-. .. … Continue reading


Today I discovered these incredible photographs of apocalyptic diarama’s made by Lori Nix. You can see more of her work HERE.